LearningRx is the parent company of BrainRx, and maintains a Corporate Home Office in the United States. You’ll discover that Home Office staff are helpful, responsible and passionate about the programs we offer. When you become a BrainRx licensee, you’l get a chance to meet our team in person at the BrainRx training seminar.

As you go through the process of becoming a BrainRx licensee, you will be assisted by our BrainRx Development Team:

KatieKatie Kemp, BrainRx Developer
As soon as you are ready to sign your BrainRx Center License or Master Developer Agreement, Katie will work with you closely. She will be available to answer any questions you have regarding the licenses, and will also help you register for BrainRx training. If you become a Master Developer, she will also help you with the licensees recruitment process.


tanyaTanya Mitchell, Chief Research & Recruitment Officer
As one of the daughters of Dr. Ken Gibson, the founder of LearningRx and BrainRx, Tanya brings years of experience and a wealth of kowledge regarding all aspects of both brain training companies, including research, program development, sales, networking, and marketing. Tanya will meet with you via Skype as you go through the approval process, and will also be in charge of your BrainRx training held at our Colorado Springs Home Office.