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BrainRx offers an innovative, proven program that can help children and adults of all ages attain faster, sharper mental skills.

BrainRx is unlike any other educational franchise on the market today, both in terms of results and also in terms of the brain training strategies and procedures that we use. Our methodology is at the forefront of a rapidly growing industry that is changing how children and adults of all ages succeed and thrive in school, work, and in life. In fact, according to Forbes Magazine, brain training is expected to be the next trillion dollar industry.

Why is brain training garnering this kind of attention? Neuroresearchers continue to discover just how “plastic” the brain really is. In fact, study after study has proven that our brain skills are never set in stone—that intense mental activity can stimulate the brain to make often dramatic improvements in brain performance.

BrainRx taps into this lifelong ability of the brain, using intense mental exercise to improve how children and adults think, learn, reason, remember and pay attention.